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We build alliances with Kentucky employers to promote worker safety through
high-quality education and technical assistance.

We are seeking an environment where employees can complete their work day and go home uninjured, as healthy as when they started the work day. To accomplish this, it is essential to increase awareness of the services that the Kentucky Occupational Safety and Health Division of Education and Training offers, to provide FREE safety and health training to more employers and employees and provide FREE confidential safety and health consultation services to facilities and organizations or groups requesting those services.

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OSHA Top 10 Violations

The current top 10 list was compiled from nearly 32,000 inspections of workplaces during 2016 by Federal OSHA. The top 10 most cited violation are:

  1. Fall protection

  2. Hazard communication

  3. Scaffolds

  4. Respiratory protection

  5. LOTO

  6. Powered industrial trucks

  7. Ladders

  8. Machine guarding

  9. Electrical wiring

  10. Electrical, general requirements


Governor Bevin Promotes #KYSafe during Safe and Sound Week 2018


Governor Matt Bevin speaks with Nucor Gallatin Plant Manager John Farris and Safety Director, Butch Collins during Safe and Sound Week 2018. Like Bevin, Farris and Collins both understand that Nucor Gallatin's advantage is their people and their goal is to get them home safely every day.

Governor Matt Bevin and John Farris- Plant Manager, Nucor Steel Gallatin (Video)

 - (Video)




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