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Survey of Injury and Illness

If you received a BLS Notice of Survey or BLS Survey Instructions:

The Statistical Services Branch conducts an annual survey of occupational injuries and illnesses from approximately 4,500 companies (private and public). The type of data collected in this survey includes annual average employment, total hours worked and injury and illness totals for the state of Kentucky. Demographic data and case characteristics are provided for cases that involve one day or more away from work. This survey is a stratified random sample survey that is conducted in conjunction with the federal Bureau of Labor Statistics. The results are published each year by the Division of Education and Training, and data is also merged with national statistics to formulate incidence rates on a national level as well. The publication includes the top 10 hazardous industries in Kentucky and comparisons between Kentucky and national data. This group collects fatality data in conjunction with a federal government initiative known as the Census of Fatal Occupational Injuries Program (CFOI). It was designed by the U.S. Department of Labor, Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). This data is published on a yearly basis by the Division of Education and Training.

Injury Illness And Fatality Reports